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To build customer-centric value chain

Whether based on traditional EDI or the Internet, B2B e-commerce can help companies throughout the supply chain with all members of strengthening ties - from terminal suppliers, internal processes, to distributors and retailers. Printed product catalog, so that parties to the transaction under the stock or check online product orders will greatly simplify the business processes. Product configuration is also the manufacturer of concern. Software developers challenge is to establish a business based on the configuration, so that it can and websites, CRM and ERP systems integrate. This is a tall order errand, even if the software giant can not be resolved, but it is also inevitable.

Strengthen the supply chain visibility and increase the exchange with business partners, can help company to shorten lead time, such as, stocks fall work process that minimizes, predicted more precision, arranged Gengjiayouxiao, customer response to increased Dengyijilie Haochu degree.

Is on the B2C, Internet consumers the growing number of companies produce a number of nomadic tribes - from the largest to the smallest retailers, consumer goods and service providers - building his own company's website and through e-store for direct sales to customers. This is completely different with the B2B e-commerce areas.

Use their electronic storefronts, some manufacturers sell their products through value-added approach with customers to establish a common community. For example, will buy based on your previous record, set up you might like a list of books and music recommendations. Dell Computer will be based on your needs, to help you configure your computer to be purchased, and then secure credit card transactions, handle your order. This convenient, personalized service - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - set up customer loyalty, which effectively keep a customer.

Does this mean that every SME should not wait for it to build your own website (to do so is based on "If I have my own website, they will come" assumption above)? Of course not. Instead, before you start an e-commerce project is to establish a B2B electronic store or a need to conduct a series of research work. Complex construction site may be an expensive investment.

Even now, although the Dell computer sales on the topped, sales also among the top spears, but they still need to separate reserved. The reason is that, if such a specific strategy for profitable e-commerce, we must do a certain amount of assurance. In addition to the initial investment, the company also must implement a lot of technology portfolio - often from outside the organization - to design and build websites, and to maintain and update.

Company to build a good web site, the first step on the successful site design, content, easy landing, content availability and interactive features such as analysis and research. The next step is to decide whether it will create value, return on investment, and further to achieve the company's strategic objectives. Value-based Internet strategy and the importance of customer value of the company, how can not be overstated. A failed site does not create a site worse than many.

Demand functions

In manufacturing, the concept of value chain is also advancing with the times, it is often for retailers and distributors on the demand for EDI and ASNs as well as legislative and other needs identified.

Today, the value chain was also the end user's preferences and needs, as well as a company driven by strategic goals. On the pursuit of profit for companies, a customer-driven value chain may be through high productivity and high market share ways to achieve sustainable development. To achieve these goals, companies are trying to reduce operating and inventory costs, streamlined production, reduced order fulfillment and escort the time, and maximize corporate profits and return on assets.

In order to build an effective value chain, will put technology process before and only from the perspective of business critical look at the problem. Overall, the basic steps in decision-making include:

Found the problem: the company's problem is excess inventory or WIP? Or raw materials or its bottleneck? Ineffective programs and lower resource utilization? Escort time higher than the industry average time? No matter what the problem is, companies must find them before the settlement.

Clear objective: to determine your company to solve problems in which the operation and business objectives can be improved, for example, lower inventory, less operating costs, higher turnover rates and order fulfillment rates, higher productivity and capacity, and higher returns on assets.

Rethinking business processes: the process for the poor, the company is not worth automating them. If you find some of the business processes that form part of the problem, there is a need to rethink and its recycling, to make them consistent with industry best practice.

The goal was checking process may include order entry, purchasing and inventory management, logistics (such as transport and handling) management, or data collection.

Check the areas in which technology can play a role: Based on the results of these three steps, identify the key processes that enable automation of IT elements to help the company better and faster customer service, the company more competitive, and let it reaches the pre-set goals.

Assessment of the technical program on the market: customer's functional requirements for the supply chain execution system, only the part, it addresses how to Qi manufacturer shipping the product to customer hands Wen Ti. In a scalable, enterprise systems, these parts can be priced separately, but in meeting the needs of a particular business, part as a whole.

Once a company's implementation of these steps, it is next on the need for stability and automation to the customer and the company who can bring the greatest value of the business processes. By increasing production speed and efficiency, better control of raw materials and resources to reduce costs, is an effective way to reduce the workshop cost. However, an integrated solution for the true value is able to service new markets, acquire new customers, as well as existing customers to innovative products and quality services to get the upper growth. This is why CRM and business intelligence to customer-centric solutions increasingly popular reasons.

Obtained from the IT business profit

In the use of technology to build the value chain, common-sense approach is often best - technology itself can never be a solution. In order to create value for the company, we have to be smart and strategic IT use will be most able to create value. Companies should be hidden in the technology from the core business drivers behind the set, and determine their best hope to complete the goal is. To do this, all the "do not do either full or complete" idea should stop.

In today's open architecture and the exchange of existing standards, the application integration and upgrades are possible. With a good solution, companies can implement only the modules they need, and to be the future business expansion and growth of the corresponding module in the add. Here, integration is the key, which is a single provider solution for greatest strength. Although the first-class solution is attractive, but it may be difficult to implement - and with the company's existing data and other information systems compatible, the more difficult.

But this does not mean that individual providers must be able to provide solutions to all problems the function modules. But if the supply of Shang choice with open standards and open architecture of the software, which will allow other third-party's 瑙e喅 program to integrate in certain processes Dian came on, and Gengduo process automation.

To build a successful stage

Once selected the program after IT, they should take time and effort to implement this program, and conduct user training. Many small organizations do not fully realize that enterprise applications are not plug and play solution. To ensure an effective IT infrastructure and IT implementation success, sufficient time for distribution, budget and internal resources (or outside, if needed) is essential.

Since most small and medium companies do not have enough experience within the available technology so with cooperation partners such as value-added resellers to assess needs, evaluate hardware and software necessary to implement the most valuable solutions, training end users to guide them how to use and maintenance, are of great value.

Business-oriented approach, the traditional supply chain into a customer-centric value chain, while a high degree of attention to ROI, is a good idea, as well as the use of technology, it will be a so transducer, integrated software solution will streamline processes, speed up the process of running speed, and enable organizations within and outside the organization who are in need have access to more information.


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