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To build customer-centric value chain

Whether based on traditional EDI or the Internet, B2B e-commerce can help companies throughout the supply chain with all members of strengthening ties - from terminal suppliers, internal processes, to distributors and retailers. Printed product catalog, so that parties to the transaction under the stock or check online product orders will greatly simplify the business processes. Product configuration is also the manufacturer of concern. Software developers challenge is to establish a business based on the configuration, so that it can and websites, CRM and ERP systems integrate. This is a tall order errand, even if the software giant can not be resolved, but it is also inevitable.

Strengthen the supply chain visibility and increase the exchange with business partners, can help company to shorten lead time, such as, stocks fall work process that minimizes, predicted more precision, arranged Gengjiayouxiao, customer response to increased Dengyijilie Haochu degree.

Is on the B2C, Internet consumers the growing number of companies produce a number of nomadic tribes - from the largest to the smallest retailers, consumer goods and service providers - building his own company's website and through e-store for direct sales to customers. This is completely different with the B2B e-commerce areas.

Use their electronic storefronts, some manufacturers sell their products through value-added approach with customers to establish a common community. For example, will buy based on your previous record, set up you might like a list of books and music recommendations. Dell Computer will be based on your needs, to help you configure your computer to be purchased, and then secure credit card transactions, handle your order. This convenient, personalized service - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - set up customer loyalty, which effectively keep a customer.

Does this mean that every SME should not wait for it to build your own website (to do so is based on "If I have my own website, they will come" assumption above)? Of course not. Instead, before you start an e-commerce project is to establish a B2B electronic store or a need to conduct a series of research work. Complex construction site may be an expensive investment.

Even now, although the Dell computer sales on the topped, sales also among the top spears, but they still need to separate reserved. The reason is that, if such a specific strategy for profitable e-commerce, we must do a certain amount of assurance. In addition to the initial investment, the company also must implement a lot of technology portfolio - often from outside the organization - to design and build websites, and to maintain and update.

Company to build a good web site, the first step on the successful site design, content, easy landing, content availability and interactive features such as analysis and research. The next step is to decide whether it will create value, return on investment, and further to achieve the company's strategic objectives. Value-based Internet strategy and the importance of customer value of the company, how can not be overstated. A failed site does not create a site worse than many.

Demand functions

In manufacturing, the concept of value chain is also advancing with the times, it is often for retailers and distributors on the demand for EDI and ASNs as well as legislative and other needs identified.

Today, the value chain was also the end user's preferences and needs, as well as a company driven by strategic goals. On the pursuit of profit for companies, a customer-driven value chain may be through high productivity and high market share ways to achieve sustainable development. To achieve these goals, companies are trying to reduce operating and inventory costs, streamlined production, reduced order fulfillment and escort the time, and maximize corporate profits and return on assets.

In order to build an effective value chain, will put technology process before and only from the perspective of business critical look at the problem. Overall, the basic steps in decision-making include:

Found the problem: the company's problem is excess inventory or WIP? Or raw materials or its bottleneck? Ineffective programs and lower resource utilization? Escort time higher than the industry average time? No matter what the problem is, companies must find them before the settlement.

Clear objective: to determine your company to solve problems in which the operation and business objectives can be improved, for example, lower inventory, less operating costs, higher turnover rates and order fulfillment rates, higher productivity and capacity, and higher returns on assets.

Rethinking business processes: the process for the poor, the company is not worth automating them. If you find some of the business processes that form part of the problem, there is a need to rethink and its recycling, to make them consistent with industry best practice.

The goal was checking process may include order entry, purchasing and inventory management, logistics (such as transport and handling) management, or data collection.

Check the areas in which technology can play a role: Based on the results of these three steps, identify the key processes that enable automation of IT elements to help the company better and faster customer service, the company more competitive, and let it reaches the pre-set goals.

Assessment of the technical program on the market: customer's functional requirements for the supply chain execution system, only the part, it addresses how to Qi manufacturer shipping the product to customer hands Wen Ti. In a scalable, enterprise systems, these parts can be priced separately, but in meeting the needs of a particular business, part as a whole.

Once a company's implementation of these steps, it is next on the need for stability and automation to the customer and the company who can bring the greatest value of the business processes. By increasing production speed and efficiency, better control of raw materials and resources to reduce costs, is an effective way to reduce the workshop cost. However, an integrated solution for the true value is able to service new markets, acquire new customers, as well as existing customers to innovative products and quality services to get the upper growth. This is why CRM and business intelligence to customer-centric solutions increasingly popular reasons.

Obtained from the IT business profit

In the use of technology to build the value chain, common-sense approach is often best - technology itself can never be a solution. In order to create value for the company, we have to be smart and strategic IT use will be most able to create value. Companies should be hidden in the technology from the core business drivers behind the set, and determine their best hope to complete the goal is. To do this, all the "do not do either full or complete" idea should stop.

In today's open architecture and the exchange of existing standards, the application integration and upgrades are possible. With a good solution, companies can implement only the modules they need, and to be the future business expansion and growth of the corresponding module in the add. Here, integration is the key, which is a single provider solution for greatest strength. Although the first-class solution is attractive, but it may be difficult to implement - and with the company's existing data and other information systems compatible, the more difficult.

But this does not mean that individual providers must be able to provide solutions to all problems the function modules. But if the supply of Shang choice with open standards and open architecture of the software, which will allow other third-party's 瑙e喅 program to integrate in certain processes Dian came on, and Gengduo process automation.

To build a successful stage

Once selected the program after IT, they should take time and effort to implement this program, and conduct user training. Many small organizations do not fully realize that enterprise applications are not plug and play solution. To ensure an effective IT infrastructure and IT implementation success, sufficient time for distribution, budget and internal resources (or outside, if needed) is essential.

Since most small and medium companies do not have enough experience within the available technology so with cooperation partners such as value-added resellers to assess needs, evaluate hardware and software necessary to implement the most valuable solutions, training end users to guide them how to use and maintenance, are of great value.

Business-oriented approach, the traditional supply chain into a customer-centric value chain, while a high degree of attention to ROI, is a good idea, as well as the use of technology, it will be a so transducer, integrated software solution will streamline processes, speed up the process of running speed, and enable organizations within and outside the organization who are in need have access to more information.


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Salary does not mean that monetary incentives


Real Estate Group, a property under a management company, was first established, the company attaches great importance to the management of standard and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, has developed a more scientific and perfect management system of remuneration, the company has got rapid development, short more than two years, the company's business grew 110%. With the increase in business and the expansion of the scale, many employees have increased, the number reached 220 people.

But the company did not pay management system with the company's business development and job market changes and timely adjustments, or to adopt the old. The development of leadership thought the company had a certain scale, results of operations should be more than before, but in fact, been the decline in our operating results, customer complaints are increasing, staff lost their previous enthusiasm, there has been some technical management backbone to leave those who are not a harbinger of instability. Where: Company Engineering Manager in the logistics department that their income and very little difference between the income of managers, the sense of injustice, he thought the Engineering Manager this position relative logistics department manager, work is difficult, heavy responsibility, should pay the reflect this difference, therefore, work together without the kind of energy before, and later resigned away. Because of staff turnover, lack of staff enthusiasm, once led the company's business difficulties.

In this case, the the company's leaders recognize the seriousness of the problem, through the internal management of the company's deep understanding and diagnostic and found the problem Chu in the company's Xinchoujitong on And crucially technicians Li Liang of the pay levels significantly higher than the market low, external competitive; company pay structure is irrational, internal lack of a fair, resulting in some middle-level technicians and management staff. In response to this specific issue, the company conducted a market on the pay level survey and analysis, and the company's existing pay adjustment system, developed a new organizational structure and corporate strategy, and match the salary program, inspired the enthusiasm of the staff and Creative, the company began the development of a good recovery momentum.


Can be seen from this example, companies pay system science or not, the impact on enterprise development is enormous, even fatal. How to build a scientific and reasonable salary incentives, how to play the best incentive compensation effect, so the enterprise can attract and retain talent, creating an efficient, stable workforce and achieve sustainable development of enterprises, human resource management of enterprise a very important job.

1. Ideal of modern enterprise system should meet three objectives salary.

Long-term management practice, as our business experience in human resources management of the accumulated time is very short, coupled with the management of enterprises in this area pay enough attention to human resources management, basic work serious flaws, contradictions and increasingly corporate salaries more prominent.

Modern enterprise system should be the ideal salary achieve three objectives: first, offer competitive salaries to attract talented people; the second is to determine the organization of fair and reasonable within the enterprise to determine the relative value of various positions; s The third is to link pay to job performance, motivate staff motivation, reward good work performance, using financial rewards to motivate the purpose. Enterprise reasonable level of remuneration, directly affect the company's competitiveness in the job market. Only the external environment and competitive salaries to attract the development of enterprises all the necessary talents. The case of the low salary levels in the enterprise, in particular, is a critical technology backbone of the pay level is significantly lower than the market, external competitive, leading to some middle-level technicians and management staff. Lack of market competitiveness of remuneration, the consequences of brain drain caused by enterprises is extremely clear, and the results are caused by constantly recruiting new businesses to meet the operational needs of employees, while employees are constantly leaving the old vicious circle, this is a great Human Resources waste.

2. Concerned about the pay differences between employees concerned about the pay level than that.

Study found that, from the enterprise concerned, employees concerned about the pay differential is higher than concerned about pay levels, however, individual capacity and its working office staff, work attitude will inevitably bring about the distinction between individual differences in pay, how to make this "difference" not only to encourage the advanced and can be accepted by the majority of employees, but also shows that fair, which is increasingly important for salary management. In reality, pay management, it is often overlooked.

Case of the property company has said the project manager's resignation because of positions between the pay is unreasonable, there is no better reflect the internal post between the relative value of the resulting sense of unfairness. Engineering Manager Logistics Manager, this position is relatively difficult to work, heavy responsibility, should be reflected in pay on the difference, in fact no, it created a project manager to work together without the kind of energy before, and later resigned away . Corporate compensation design should follow the "fair and just" principle, particularly internally and fair, different Bumen different between or among the same department, salary level must be job responsibilities and capabilities of Fan Ying size, that is to be a reasonable salary Cibie. Internal pay unreasonable, will cause the same sector and between different departments of power and responsibilities among individuals asymmetry in comparison to some of the staff, unfair sense of psychological imbalance. To strengthen the company's internal pay equity, it must reasonably determine the internal relative value of different positions, is to do internal job evaluation jobevaluation, for the post itself, from the post of complexity, responsibility size, control, the required knowledge and abilities of our students to quantify the value of the job evaluation, this is the fundamental solution to pay the key internal and unfair.

3. Characteristics of the enterprises themselves according to a reasonable salary structure.

Enterprises pay system be adopted and how the pay structure must differ only in accordance with their own characteristics to establish a reasonable salary structure in order to play better pay incentives. Salary structure design goal is to make employees pay the amount received is proportional to its contribution, business performance evaluation by staff, so that the promotion or demotion between posts with quantitative assessment data so that employees concentrate on work, improve performance up to avoid succeed and little of a kind of negative situation, in order to play better pay incentives. Case has said the company solve this problem, the salary level for a market survey and analysis, and the existing pay adjustment system, developed a new organizational structure and corporate strategy and remuneration package to match, inspiring employees enthusiasm and creativity, the company began the development of a good recovery momentum.


Although the pay is not the only means to motivate employees, in addition to salary incentives to motivate the material, there are other material incentives and moral motivation methods, but incentive pay is a very important and the most vulnerable to the use of incentive management methods. Managers must recognize that pay employees on the importance of incentives, pay on money management is not directly concerned, but concerned about the proper use of incentive pay that money. Even if the total remuneration of the same, but different ways to pay, will get a different incentive effects. So, how to achieve maximum performance pay is worth exploring an art of management.

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Open-source third-polar world

Two months ago, again came to China, Apache Brain Behlendorf, founder of the "open source you may not know about the eight things," the speech tells us that one thing which is: "Microsoft Loves Open Source" (Microsoft love open source). Brain explained that Microsoft long ago have been used in Windows, some Unix tools, and to make available the source code. Now, Microsoft has gradually strengthened and MySQL, SugarCRM, Jboss cooperation ... ... Microsoft really love open source? Are between the open source and proprietary, the ice began to loosen up?

Distant third pole

Times Square in New York crowd, in the European-style stone retrofitting of ancient Greece, or in Paris or Milan fashion conference, the most in the scene, which is in August this year, "LinuxWorld2007" promotional video of the three scenarios , the picture is to be given more meaning Nazhi polar penguins, wandering the continent in every corner of Europe. Obviously, the Penguin in the east of the territory has not yet established, despite the "Open Source is Everywhere" (open source everywhere) the concept of mammoth.

LinuxWorld 2006 Conference from the beginning, the open-source has made a lot of new propositions, such as configuration and management of open source technology, security, and how to conduct business in open source operating so successfully.

This means that open source maturity, based on the perspective from the people is no longer a problem. Thus beginning a new phase. We are considering what is open source, industrialization, and how open source into better productivity. In this regard, there are many open source-related events and can serve as a good note, for example, recently IBM and Red Hat in the United States jointly issued a program to encourage the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version of the IBM System z mainframes in the rapid development of plan; SAP customers have begun to join forces to expand Novell's Linux support options; the same time, Novell has also expanded its cooperation with IBM, the IBM's WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) embedded in its own SuSE Linux Enterprise in.

China OSS Promotion Union President Lu first group in China this summer, the second open source summit, Chinese developers are now referred to from the "consumer" to "contributor" role change, he, for example, in Linux (Kernel ). org community, the Chinese contribution to the Linux developers to pre-read memory management (Readahead) algorithm, has been Kernel2.6.23 accepted, the algorithm can enhance the performance of Linux.

But China's open-source community has been "Get more, contribute less," while the international community and the presence of cultural integration, as well as open source enterprise in China, "the form of open source," these issues have formed the open source environment with Chinese characteristics. Many people are puzzled by China's open-source path leading to where? How to stream merged into a river? How to build our development environment, to form the influential power of the open source community?

It was also during this time, the ambitious open-source companies and open source communities in China have made logical common goal - the construction of open-source third pole. Asianux Union of Growth, and thus have a demonstration effect.

Open-source standard-bearer

So far, Asianux Union has gone through three years of development road, which the Joint Red Flag from Beijing to Japan and South Korea HaanSoft Miracle companies jointly established. According to IDC data released in 2006, China's Linux server shipments in the first place shall be Asianux, its share was 31.8%, second place is Novell's 29.2%.

July 2007, Asianux Alliance Adds New Members - Vietnam open source software companies, the alliance also plans to open more Asian countries to join forces, Asianux Corporation will also be established by year's end. Microsoft's spokesman in China said this, Microsoft welcomes the competition in the market in various ways, this is from the side that, Asianux Union has felt the touch of a threat to Microsoft.

"We hope that by the end of 2009, Asianux to become Asia's first" Red Flag confidence Jia Dong, President & CEO, "Our goal is clear - to develop and promote a unified operating system platform in Asia to become the world are using operating system platform. "

Now, Asianux Union also put forward China's own unique "4-CO business model" that is jointly developed a unified brand, the common technical support and co-promotion, through the joint, to the advantage of both parties contributed, which will no doubt be the next summit where the third pole of power. "Asianux's model is open to the community spirit of collaboration applied to the commercial version, Asianux is the first group, we are the second group of such companies. When we look at holding this attitude problems, many problems will be solved. "Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. Product Marketing Director Gengzeng Jiang personal experiences.

New ideas summit

"Love Football say: I love the World Cup. Love open source, said: I love open source. Love football part of the Chinese say: I love football, but I look down on Chinese football. Love the open source part of China said: I love open source, but I look down on China-made open source. "This is called" easyjf "the open source team the signature of certain heroes. When the MySQL founders David first came to China last year, faced the media on the situation of China's open-source question frankly: In China, most people still not know enough about the open source movement.

In fact, it is China or even Asia's open source world, but this is precisely where the opportunities are hidden. Open-source companies such as Red Flag, and far-sighted investment companies, feel that at this stage but is open source the eve of infinite beauty. February 2006, Intel Capital to open-source database company MySQL dropped 18.5 million U.S. dollars; in June 2006, Red Hat also received 350 million U.S. dollars investment in ... ... a series of facts that the "open source software make money era over. " Cameron Lester is the venture capital firms Azure Capital Partners, in his view, the investment company funds invested enterprises will accelerate the development of open source, open-source movement to fight the Chinese investment in the company's vision, the open source community building and open source business location and its innovative business model will no doubt be the most important factor.

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This lesson we will learn: What is the process? How to generate and terminate a process?

Initial knowledge:

What is the process? Here is my guide in excerpts from the WIN32 API explanation:

"A process is an ongoing process of Yingyong, which includes: private virtual address space, code, data and other operating system resources, Piru access to the pipeline process Ke Yi, Wen Jian Hu Tongbuduixiang Deng Deng."

From the above definition you can see, a process that has several objects: address space, the implementation of the module and the other the implementation of the program to open or create any objects or resources. At a minimum, a process must include the executable module, the private address space and more than one thread. What is the thread then? A thread is actually an implementation unit. When WINDOWS generate a process, it automatically generates a main thread for the process. The thread is usually the first instruction from the module started. If the process needs more threads, which can then be generated explicitly.

When WINDWOS received the news production process, it will be generated for the process private memory address space, then the executable file is mapped to the space. Produced in the process under WIN32 the main process, you can also call the function CreateProcess to create your process more threads.

CreateProcess prototype is as follows:

CreateProcess proto lpApplicationName: DWORD,
lpCommandLine: DWORD, lpProcessAttributes: DWORD,
lpThreadAttributes: DWORD,
bInheritHandles: DWORD,
dwCreationFlags: DWORD,
lpEnvironment: DWORD,
lpCurrentDirectory: DWORD,
lpStartupInfo: DWORD,
lpProcessInformation: DWORD

Do not be intimidated by so many parameters, in fact, most of which you can ignore the parameters (so that they have the default value).

lpApplicationName -> executable file name (with or without path). If this parameter is NULL, it must be passed in the parameter lpCommandLine file name.
lpCommandLine -> For the implementation of the documents passed to the command line parameters. If lpApplicationName is NULL, it must be specified in the parameter, such as: "notepad.exe readme.txt".
lpProcessAttributes and lpthreadAttributes -> specify the process and the main thread of the security attributes. You can set them all as NULL, so set the default security attributes.
bInheritHandles -> flag. Whether the process used to set up a new process created inherits all of the open handles.
dwCreationFlags -> There are several signs here set in order to determine the behavior you want to create the process, for example: You may want to create a process does not want it immediately after the run, so it really can be used before running some tests and revision . You can also set a new course here all the thread priority, usually it is set to NORMAL_PRIOR99vY_CLASS.
lpEnvironment -> point to the environment block pointer, generally, the environment block contains several environmental string. If this parameter is NULL, then the new process created process inherits the environment block.
lpCurrentDirectory -> point to the current directory as well as the child process to set the "current directory" path. If NULL, then the process of succession to create the "current directory" path.
lpStartupInfo -> point to start a new process structure pointer STARTUPINFO. WINDOWS STARTUPINFO tell how to display the appearance of the new process. There are many members of the parameter variable, if you do not want what's special about the new process can call GetStartupInfo function to create a process with the startup parameters to fill STARTUPINFO structure variables.
lpProcessInformation -> pointer to point to PROCESS_INFORMATION structure, the structure variable contains a number of unique identity in the process some member variables:

hProcess HANDLE?; handle to the child process
hThread HANDLE?; handle to the primary thread of the child process
dwProcessId DWORD?; ID of the child process
dwThreadId DWORD?; ID of the primary thread of the child process
Process handle and process ID are two different concepts. Process ID is like a unique value, but the process handle is a WINDOWS API calls related to a return value obtained. Can not handle the process to identify the uniqueness of a process, because this value is not unique. Create a new process called CreateProcess after the process was created, and CerateProcess function returns immediately. You can call the function to test whether the process GetExitCodeProcess end. The function prototype is as follows:

GetExitCodeProcess proto hProcess: DWORD, lpExitCode: DWORD

If the call succeeds, lpExitCode contains the query process status code. If you mean STILL_ACTIVE to show that the process still exists. You can call the function TerminateProcess to force a process to terminate. The function prototype is as follows:

TerminateProcess proto hProcess: DWORD, uExitCode: DWORD

You can specify any of the exit value. A process with the end of the function is not good, because the process of loading the dynamic link library, and will not get the news out of the process is.

In the following example, when the user selects the menu item "crate process" when we create a new process. It will go to the implementation of "" msgbox.exe ". If the user wants to terminate the new process, you can select the menu item "terminate process". At this time, the application checks whether the process terminated by still, if there are calls TerminateProcess function to terminate it.
. Model flat, stdcall
option casemap: none
WinMain proto: DWORD,: DWORD,: DWORD,: DWORD
includelib masm32libuser32.lib
includelib masm32libkernel32.lib

. Const
IDM_EX99v equ 3

. Data
ClassName db "Win32ASMProcessClass", 0
AppName db "Win32 ASM Process Example", 0
MenuName db "FirstMenu", 0
programname db "msgbox.exe", 0

. Data?
hInstance HINSTANCE?
CommandLine LPSTR?
ExitCode DWORD?; Contains the process exitcode status from GetExitCodeProcess call.

. Code
invoke GetModuleHandle, NULL
mov hInstance, eax
invoke GetCommandLine
mov CommandLine, eax
invoke WinMain, hInstance, NULL, CommandLine, SW_SHOWDEFAULT
invoke ExitProcess, eax

WinMain proc hInst: HINSTANCE, hPrevInst: HINSTANCE, CmdLine: LPSTR, CmdShow: DWORD
mov wc.lpfnWndProc, OFFSET WndProc
mov wc.cbClsExtra, NULL
mov wc.cbWndExtra, NULL
push hInst
pop wc.hInstance
mov wc.hbrBackground, COLOR_WINDOW +1
mov wc.lpszMenuName, OFFSET MenuName
mov wc.lpszClassName, OFFSET ClassName
mov wc.hIcon, eax
mov wc.hIconSm, eax
invoke LoadCursor, NULL, IDC_ARROW
mov wc.hCursor, eax
invoke RegisterClassEx, addr wc
invoke CreateWindowEx, WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, ADDR ClassName, ADDR AppName,
hInst, NULL
mov hwnd, eax
invoke ShowWindow, hwnd, SW_SHOWNORMAL
invoke UpdateWindow, hwnd
invoke GetMenu, hwnd
mov hMenu, eax
invoke GetMessage, ADDR msg, NULL, 0,0
. BREAK. IF (! Eax)
invoke TranslateMessage, ADDR msg
invoke DispatchMessage, ADDR msg
mov eax, msg.wParam
WinMain endp

WndProc proc hWnd: HWND, uMsg: UINT, wParam: WPARAM, lParam: LPARAM
invoke PostQuitMessage, NULL
invoke GetExitCodeProcess, processInfo.hProcess, ADDR ExitCode
. If eax == TRUE
. If ExitCode == STILL_ACTIVE
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_CREATE_PROCESS, MF_GRAYED
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_TERMINATE, MF_ENABLED
. Else
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_CREATE_PROCESS, MF_ENABLED
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_TERMINATE, MF_GRAYED
. Endif
. Else
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_CREATE_PROCESS, MF_ENABLED
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_TERMINATE, MF_GRAYED
. Endif
mov eax, wParam
. If lParam == 0
. If processInfo.hProcess! = 0
invoke CloseHandle, processInfo.hProcess
mov processInfo.hProcess, 0
. Endif
invoke GetStartupInfo, ADDR startInfo
invoke CreateProcess, ADDR programname, NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE,
NULL, NULL, ADDR startInfo, ADDR processInfo
invoke CloseHandle, processInfo.hThread
. Elseif ax == IDM_TERMINATE
invoke GetExitCodeProcess, processInfo.hProcess, ADDR ExitCode
. If ExitCode == STILL_ACTIVE
invoke TerminateProcess, processInfo.hProcess, 0
. Endif
invoke CloseHandle, processInfo.hProcess
mov processInfo.hProcess, 0
. Else
invoke DestroyWindow, hWnd
. Endif
. Endif
invoke DefWindowProc, hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam
xor eax, eax
WndProc endp
end start

Application creates the main window, save the menu handle for later use. When the user in the main menu, select the "Process" menu item, the message processing received WM_IN99vMENUPOPUP news, we here modify the pop-up menu in the menu item "Enable" and "non-enabled" to the same menu with different display.
invoke GetExitCodeProcess, processInfo.hProcess, ADDR ExitCode
. If eax == TRUE
. If ExitCode == STILL_ACTIVE
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_CREATE_PROCESS, MF_GRAYED
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_TERMINATE, MF_ENABLED
. Else
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_CREATE_PROCESS, MF_ENABLED
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_TERMINATE, MF_GRAYED
. Endif
. Else
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_CREATE_PROCESS, MF_ENABLED
invoke EnableMenuItem, hMenu, IDM_TERMINATE, MF_GRAYED
. Endif

The reason why we deal with the purpose of the message is to make the menu look different when displayed to a user-friendly to use. For example; the new process has not been run, we light up (enable) "menu item" start process ", but grayed out (not enabled) menu item" terminate process ". When the new process is running, the menu's appearance on should be the opposite.
First, we call GetExitCodeProcess function, which handles incoming returned by the CreateProcess. If GetExitCodeProcess returns FALSE, then that process has not been run, we let the menu item "terminate process" grayed out; If you return TRUE, said the new process has started, we re-test is running, which is equal to STILL_ACTIVE by comparing the ExitCode to complete If equal, that process is still running, we let the menu item "start process" grayed out, because in our simple application process does not provide the ability to run multiple processes.

. If processInfo.hProcess! = 0
invoke CloseHandle, processInfo.hProcess
mov processInfo.hProcess, 0
. Endif
invoke GetStartupInfo, ADDR startInfo
invoke CreateProcess, ADDR programname, NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE,
NULL, NULL, ADDR startInfo, ADDR processInfo
invoke CloseHandle, processInfo.hThread

When the user selects the menu item "start process", we first test structure in the member variable hPRocess PROCESS_INFORMATION is turned off. If this is the first time you start the application process, which the variable is 0, because we are. Data section defined structure have been initialized when the value is 0. If the value is not 0, then that the new process has ended, but we have yet to close the process handle (in order to reduce the reference count of the process), we are here to complete the action.
We call GetStartupInfo function to start filling the information structure variables, and the variable will be passed to the CreateProcess function to. Call CreateProcess to generate a new process, we do not check the return value of the function is to simplify the problem, in practice, to do the work. After the call to CreateProcess, we immediately close the structure parameters in the process information returned handle to the main thread to close the thread handle in order to reduce the kernel object reference count, or even if the thread exits, the kernel object is still miserable exist in the kernel is not released, it will cause resource leaks. Process is actually the same reason we do not close the process handle is there because later on we have to use the handle to get some information related to the process and, as threads, our application does not need its information.

. Elseif ax == IDM_TERMINATE
invoke GetExitCodeProcess, processInfo.hProcess, ADDR ExitCode
. If ExitCode == STILL_ACTIVE
invoke TerminateProcess, processInfo.hProcess, 0
. Endif
invoke CloseHandle, processInfo.hProcess
mov processInfo.hProcess, 0

When the user selects the menu item "terminate process", we call the function GetExitCodeProcess to check whether the new process there, if there TerminateProcess we call the function to end it. In addition, we closed off the handle because we no longer have it.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

mySAP Human Resources

(A) program overview

Customer's business problems

With more and more small and medium enterprise business model from traditional to electronic trade patterns change, arvato information system launched and successfully implemented e-commerce market solutions, this program is designed for enterprise customers with more business opportunities and to achieve low-cost business management, and help them with their customers and trading partners to build stronger trade relations.

Functional description of the program

E-commerce market solutions are available through the following channels to help users with their trading partners to build stronger trade relations:

* To achieve multi-dimensional database connectivity, a global network

* Focus on local market development, practice sharing in order to achieve smooth operation

* Implementation of procurement to the line fast, easy, seamless transition

* A complete solution to provide reliable, high compatibility, high functionality, scalability and flexibility to open support functions.

E-commerce market, business drivers

Supplier benefits

* With a powerful, flexible way to establish an online display of a new sales channel

* Self-service environment

* Reduce cost of sales, reduce supplier's sales cycle, improve efficiency

* By helping suppliers to design, implement and manage online catalogs, reducing the cost of the supplier to send

* To achieve the online purchasing quick and economical transition

Driving force buyers

* Shorten the procurement cycle to get more business information and customized product information catalog

* The user to benefit from self-purchase environment, by automating the purchasing process reducing management costs, and reduce procurement costs through bulk purchases

* Verification of credit through the system control supplier chain will be extended to small and medium businesses

* Minimize the risk of inventory

Functional modules of e-commerce market

* Member management system: a dynamic member of the site management at different levels

* Enterprise creation system: Ordinary Member or VIP Member to create online businesses / Integrated Query / subdomain / modules to provide Web

* Product release system: to provide classified product to the Member Online

* Business News Publishing System: Classification by industry to press, publishing

* Order Management System: Find products / pricing / trading conditions / Order

* Business Forum system: uptake of members for business communication

* E-mail system: Member e-mail accounts / customers tailor / transaction history

* SMS service system: direct to your mobile phone to send short message

鈥?Customer Access Statistics: View access history, monitor real-time online status of each module

* Online Employment System: online recruitment services to member

* On-line clearing system: providing different methods of payment / payment page with links

* Credit verification system: The members of credit history, document verification

System Features

E-commerce application software market can apply based on the product / function of horizontal market, but also to the industry-based vertical market. Arvato's e-commerce market using the most advanced technology to help your e-commerce trade seamless integration into the global trading market.

High security

Password: 64 byte encryption

Choose to support multiple security policies

Powerful application platform and cutting-edge technology

* Open, flexible J2EE structure, which has the compatibility, portability, suitable for a variety of network application servers.

* E-commerce platform is based on IBM AIX, Unix, NT operating system and Websphere, DB2 and other third-level application server framework.

* Object-Oriented Portlet support. Set access based on the role of XML format, and set priorities.

路 SSL support.

Simple operation

鈥?All users of e-commerce market, just a simple click through in the foreground to complete the complex business processes.

* At the same time users can use for our customers tailored system design according to their visual experience and business properties, to specify the system to complete their own customized business logic.

(B) of the technical environment

Hardware platform: IBM P series servers

Software platform: WebSphere, DB2 Universal Database

OS: Unix / Linux

Applicable industry: retail, manufacturing,

For user groups: business customers

Customer Name: Chinese Evergreen Garment Group

Project: 2002

Customer issues is the Chinese Evergreen Garment Group, one of the most famous large clothing. Elements of success lies in its rich products, excellent customer service, timely and effective business operations. Traditionally, the physical market by Evergreen Garment Group to run their business.闈㈠ WTO, challenges and competition in the Chinese market, Evergreen Garment Group aware of customers through the Internet and Qi between the establishment of Ye Wu Ke Yi made to reduce business 鎴愭湰 to increase their business to enhance its competitive advantage Xiaolvconger, especially in the current e-commerce and e-procurement technology has matured occasion.

Solution: Information Systems from the arvato holly Shanghai Co., Ltd. and co-founder, Internet-based e-commerce marketing solutions, helping businesses holly membership in the form of customers faster access to information, allowing companies to demonstrate to its customers a more comprehensive and diverse service model (the buyer and the seller).

Solutions for the holly leaf through its fully Customization features Tuidong holly leaf merchant customer self-service: member management, corporate displays, industrial classification, product information, offer and order, advertising, news and discussion, e-mail and transaction history, short message service, event updates.

This solution is a reliable, flexible, open, according to a complete business solution. Its rich features that make holly leaf and holly leaf merchant customers to the electronic purchasing process.

* Strong customer base of the holly leaf

* Holly businesses increase customer satisfaction

* Reduce the holly leaf and holly leaf merchant client's business cycle.

鈥?Extension of the holly leaf merchant customer's business model and operational scale.

鈥?Increase the holly leaf and holly leaf merchant customer market awareness.

Recommended IBM Product: Software: Building the advanced in the industry J2EE architecture, the system platform using IBM's WebShpere Portal Server, WebShpere Advanced Application Server, DB2 relational database.

Hardware: IBM eServer pSeries 620 6F1-type (small dark blue F85)

Why IBM products?

Ensure that the system design, implementation and operation of high reliability and outstanding execution performance.


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Fireworks create a beautiful effect Navigation

(Figure 2.1)

Below I will teach you how to make over this button:

First create a new canvas 500 * 400 size, draw a rectangle 400 * 40, tune into the gradient, shown in Figure 2.1.1

(Figure 2.1.1)

Ever come out of a month that we do like the graphics shown in Figure 2.1.2

(Figure 2.1.2)

Then we use some fixed selection tool

Select the rectangle on top two in Figure 2.1.3

(Figure 2.1.3)

Hold down the shift key, double-click to the right. Figure 2.1.4

(Figure 2.1.4)

Draw a green rectangle, we get through some of the selected tool shown in Figure 2.1.5 a

(Figure 2.1.5)


We have shown through the copy and paste 2.1.6

(Figure 2.1.6)


We have shown in Figure 2.1.7

(Figure 2.1.7)

Graphic light, white property in Figure 2.1.8

(Figure 2.1.8)

Then light colors are shown in Figure 2.1.9 for the # 7B869A

(Figure 2.1.9)


Copy and paste graphics, remove the strokes, move right two pixels, shown in Figure 2.1.10

(Figure 2.1.10)

Draw a rectangle yellow gradient. Place the lower graph in Figure 2.1.11

(Figure 2.1.11)

Draw a rectangle in Figure 2.1.12

(Figure 2.1.12)

Settings shown in Figure 2.1.13

(Figure 2.1.13)

The width is set to "1" rotating "20 degrees" cut and paste. Then move right one pixel. Gradient to white. And then copy and paste. Figure 2.1.14

(Figure 2.1.14)

Draw a white point 1 * 1 pixel move right one pixel to black. Repeat the process. Figure 2.1.15

(Figure 2.1.15)

OK, here we have the graphics are basically finished. We hope that this tutorial can be enlightening.

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Super iPod Converter

WinX-Media AVI/MPEG iPod Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use iPod video converter. With it, you can convert AVI, MPEG video to iPod video files and play them in your iPod. Its' operation is simple, intuitive and very easy. Here are the main features: 1.)Converts AVI (DivX, XviD, MPEG4, YUV...) to iPod video. 2.)Converts MPEG1 to iPod video. 3.)Converts MPEG2 to iPod video. 4.)Converts WMV to iPod video. 5.)Converts ASF to iPod video. 6.)Supports iPod video mp4 with AAC audio. 7.)Splits large files to multi-volumes. 8.)Offers a video player to previews and select video. 9.)Monitors the converting process in video mode. 10.)Can convert batch video files of various types in one time. 11.)Supports select a section of video to convert, by setting start point and duration. 12.)Provides a easy-to-use Quicktime-like trackbar. 13.)Easy-to-use user interface.

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