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Open-source third-polar world

Two months ago, again came to China, Apache Brain Behlendorf, founder of the "open source you may not know about the eight things," the speech tells us that one thing which is: "Microsoft Loves Open Source" (Microsoft love open source). Brain explained that Microsoft long ago have been used in Windows, some Unix tools, and to make available the source code. Now, Microsoft has gradually strengthened and MySQL, SugarCRM, Jboss cooperation ... ... Microsoft really love open source? Are between the open source and proprietary, the ice began to loosen up?

Distant third pole

Times Square in New York crowd, in the European-style stone retrofitting of ancient Greece, or in Paris or Milan fashion conference, the most in the scene, which is in August this year, "LinuxWorld2007" promotional video of the three scenarios , the picture is to be given more meaning Nazhi polar penguins, wandering the continent in every corner of Europe. Obviously, the Penguin in the east of the territory has not yet established, despite the "Open Source is Everywhere" (open source everywhere) the concept of mammoth.

LinuxWorld 2006 Conference from the beginning, the open-source has made a lot of new propositions, such as configuration and management of open source technology, security, and how to conduct business in open source operating so successfully.

This means that open source maturity, based on the perspective from the people is no longer a problem. Thus beginning a new phase. We are considering what is open source, industrialization, and how open source into better productivity. In this regard, there are many open source-related events and can serve as a good note, for example, recently IBM and Red Hat in the United States jointly issued a program to encourage the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version of the IBM System z mainframes in the rapid development of plan; SAP customers have begun to join forces to expand Novell's Linux support options; the same time, Novell has also expanded its cooperation with IBM, the IBM's WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) embedded in its own SuSE Linux Enterprise in.

China OSS Promotion Union President Lu first group in China this summer, the second open source summit, Chinese developers are now referred to from the "consumer" to "contributor" role change, he, for example, in Linux (Kernel ). org community, the Chinese contribution to the Linux developers to pre-read memory management (Readahead) algorithm, has been Kernel2.6.23 accepted, the algorithm can enhance the performance of Linux.

But China's open-source community has been "Get more, contribute less," while the international community and the presence of cultural integration, as well as open source enterprise in China, "the form of open source," these issues have formed the open source environment with Chinese characteristics. Many people are puzzled by China's open-source path leading to where? How to stream merged into a river? How to build our development environment, to form the influential power of the open source community?

It was also during this time, the ambitious open-source companies and open source communities in China have made logical common goal - the construction of open-source third pole. Asianux Union of Growth, and thus have a demonstration effect.

Open-source standard-bearer

So far, Asianux Union has gone through three years of development road, which the Joint Red Flag from Beijing to Japan and South Korea HaanSoft Miracle companies jointly established. According to IDC data released in 2006, China's Linux server shipments in the first place shall be Asianux, its share was 31.8%, second place is Novell's 29.2%.

July 2007, Asianux Alliance Adds New Members - Vietnam open source software companies, the alliance also plans to open more Asian countries to join forces, Asianux Corporation will also be established by year's end. Microsoft's spokesman in China said this, Microsoft welcomes the competition in the market in various ways, this is from the side that, Asianux Union has felt the touch of a threat to Microsoft.

"We hope that by the end of 2009, Asianux to become Asia's first" Red Flag confidence Jia Dong, President & CEO, "Our goal is clear - to develop and promote a unified operating system platform in Asia to become the world are using operating system platform. "

Now, Asianux Union also put forward China's own unique "4-CO business model" that is jointly developed a unified brand, the common technical support and co-promotion, through the joint, to the advantage of both parties contributed, which will no doubt be the next summit where the third pole of power. "Asianux's model is open to the community spirit of collaboration applied to the commercial version, Asianux is the first group, we are the second group of such companies. When we look at holding this attitude problems, many problems will be solved. "Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. Product Marketing Director Gengzeng Jiang personal experiences.

New ideas summit

"Love Football say: I love the World Cup. Love open source, said: I love open source. Love football part of the Chinese say: I love football, but I look down on Chinese football. Love the open source part of China said: I love open source, but I look down on China-made open source. "This is called" easyjf "the open source team the signature of certain heroes. When the MySQL founders David first came to China last year, faced the media on the situation of China's open-source question frankly: In China, most people still not know enough about the open source movement.

In fact, it is China or even Asia's open source world, but this is precisely where the opportunities are hidden. Open-source companies such as Red Flag, and far-sighted investment companies, feel that at this stage but is open source the eve of infinite beauty. February 2006, Intel Capital to open-source database company MySQL dropped 18.5 million U.S. dollars; in June 2006, Red Hat also received 350 million U.S. dollars investment in ... ... a series of facts that the "open source software make money era over. " Cameron Lester is the venture capital firms Azure Capital Partners, in his view, the investment company funds invested enterprises will accelerate the development of open source, open-source movement to fight the Chinese investment in the company's vision, the open source community building and open source business location and its innovative business model will no doubt be the most important factor.

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