Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fireworks create a beautiful effect Navigation

(Figure 2.1)

Below I will teach you how to make over this button:

First create a new canvas 500 * 400 size, draw a rectangle 400 * 40, tune into the gradient, shown in Figure 2.1.1

(Figure 2.1.1)

Ever come out of a month that we do like the graphics shown in Figure 2.1.2

(Figure 2.1.2)

Then we use some fixed selection tool

Select the rectangle on top two in Figure 2.1.3

(Figure 2.1.3)

Hold down the shift key, double-click to the right. Figure 2.1.4

(Figure 2.1.4)

Draw a green rectangle, we get through some of the selected tool shown in Figure 2.1.5 a

(Figure 2.1.5)


We have shown through the copy and paste 2.1.6

(Figure 2.1.6)


We have shown in Figure 2.1.7

(Figure 2.1.7)

Graphic light, white property in Figure 2.1.8

(Figure 2.1.8)

Then light colors are shown in Figure 2.1.9 for the # 7B869A

(Figure 2.1.9)


Copy and paste graphics, remove the strokes, move right two pixels, shown in Figure 2.1.10

(Figure 2.1.10)

Draw a rectangle yellow gradient. Place the lower graph in Figure 2.1.11

(Figure 2.1.11)

Draw a rectangle in Figure 2.1.12

(Figure 2.1.12)

Settings shown in Figure 2.1.13

(Figure 2.1.13)

The width is set to "1" rotating "20 degrees" cut and paste. Then move right one pixel. Gradient to white. And then copy and paste. Figure 2.1.14

(Figure 2.1.14)

Draw a white point 1 * 1 pixel move right one pixel to black. Repeat the process. Figure 2.1.15

(Figure 2.1.15)

OK, here we have the graphics are basically finished. We hope that this tutorial can be enlightening.

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