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mySAP Human Resources

(A) program overview

Customer's business problems

With more and more small and medium enterprise business model from traditional to electronic trade patterns change, arvato information system launched and successfully implemented e-commerce market solutions, this program is designed for enterprise customers with more business opportunities and to achieve low-cost business management, and help them with their customers and trading partners to build stronger trade relations.

Functional description of the program

E-commerce market solutions are available through the following channels to help users with their trading partners to build stronger trade relations:

* To achieve multi-dimensional database connectivity, a global network

* Focus on local market development, practice sharing in order to achieve smooth operation

* Implementation of procurement to the line fast, easy, seamless transition

* A complete solution to provide reliable, high compatibility, high functionality, scalability and flexibility to open support functions.

E-commerce market, business drivers

Supplier benefits

* With a powerful, flexible way to establish an online display of a new sales channel

* Self-service environment

* Reduce cost of sales, reduce supplier's sales cycle, improve efficiency

* By helping suppliers to design, implement and manage online catalogs, reducing the cost of the supplier to send

* To achieve the online purchasing quick and economical transition

Driving force buyers

* Shorten the procurement cycle to get more business information and customized product information catalog

* The user to benefit from self-purchase environment, by automating the purchasing process reducing management costs, and reduce procurement costs through bulk purchases

* Verification of credit through the system control supplier chain will be extended to small and medium businesses

* Minimize the risk of inventory

Functional modules of e-commerce market

* Member management system: a dynamic member of the site management at different levels

* Enterprise creation system: Ordinary Member or VIP Member to create online businesses / Integrated Query / subdomain / modules to provide Web

* Product release system: to provide classified product to the Member Online

* Business News Publishing System: Classification by industry to press, publishing

* Order Management System: Find products / pricing / trading conditions / Order

* Business Forum system: uptake of members for business communication

* E-mail system: Member e-mail accounts / customers tailor / transaction history

* SMS service system: direct to your mobile phone to send short message

鈥?Customer Access Statistics: View access history, monitor real-time online status of each module

* Online Employment System: online recruitment services to member

* On-line clearing system: providing different methods of payment / payment page with links

* Credit verification system: The members of credit history, document verification

System Features

E-commerce application software market can apply based on the product / function of horizontal market, but also to the industry-based vertical market. Arvato's e-commerce market using the most advanced technology to help your e-commerce trade seamless integration into the global trading market.

High security

Password: 64 byte encryption

Choose to support multiple security policies

Powerful application platform and cutting-edge technology

* Open, flexible J2EE structure, which has the compatibility, portability, suitable for a variety of network application servers.

* E-commerce platform is based on IBM AIX, Unix, NT operating system and Websphere, DB2 and other third-level application server framework.

* Object-Oriented Portlet support. Set access based on the role of XML format, and set priorities.

路 SSL support.

Simple operation

鈥?All users of e-commerce market, just a simple click through in the foreground to complete the complex business processes.

* At the same time users can use for our customers tailored system design according to their visual experience and business properties, to specify the system to complete their own customized business logic.

(B) of the technical environment

Hardware platform: IBM P series servers

Software platform: WebSphere, DB2 Universal Database

OS: Unix / Linux

Applicable industry: retail, manufacturing,

For user groups: business customers

Customer Name: Chinese Evergreen Garment Group

Project: 2002

Customer issues is the Chinese Evergreen Garment Group, one of the most famous large clothing. Elements of success lies in its rich products, excellent customer service, timely and effective business operations. Traditionally, the physical market by Evergreen Garment Group to run their business.闈㈠ WTO, challenges and competition in the Chinese market, Evergreen Garment Group aware of customers through the Internet and Qi between the establishment of Ye Wu Ke Yi made to reduce business 鎴愭湰 to increase their business to enhance its competitive advantage Xiaolvconger, especially in the current e-commerce and e-procurement technology has matured occasion.

Solution: Information Systems from the arvato holly Shanghai Co., Ltd. and co-founder, Internet-based e-commerce marketing solutions, helping businesses holly membership in the form of customers faster access to information, allowing companies to demonstrate to its customers a more comprehensive and diverse service model (the buyer and the seller).

Solutions for the holly leaf through its fully Customization features Tuidong holly leaf merchant customer self-service: member management, corporate displays, industrial classification, product information, offer and order, advertising, news and discussion, e-mail and transaction history, short message service, event updates.

This solution is a reliable, flexible, open, according to a complete business solution. Its rich features that make holly leaf and holly leaf merchant customers to the electronic purchasing process.

* Strong customer base of the holly leaf

* Holly businesses increase customer satisfaction

* Reduce the holly leaf and holly leaf merchant client's business cycle.

鈥?Extension of the holly leaf merchant customer's business model and operational scale.

鈥?Increase the holly leaf and holly leaf merchant customer market awareness.

Recommended IBM Product: Software: Building the advanced in the industry J2EE architecture, the system platform using IBM's WebShpere Portal Server, WebShpere Advanced Application Server, DB2 relational database.

Hardware: IBM eServer pSeries 620 6F1-type (small dark blue F85)

Why IBM products?

Ensure that the system design, implementation and operation of high reliability and outstanding execution performance.


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